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Apollo Cinema

Vordere Sterngasse 27

The former cinema in Vordere Sterngasse opened in the 1960s and closed in 1996. Easy Rider Cult Cinema in the early 1970s. It is named after Nuremberg’s former most renowned variety theatre, Apollo (1896).

The cinema had 233 seats which were however removed. The first circle may be reached via a narrow staircase. It has a steel banister of 1 m height and a special bracket for projectors and lights.

The project’s own equipment may be used for projections onto the still existing screen. The velvet curtains in front of the screen also still exist. The cinema hall has very little lighting in spots, is kept black and so can be blacked out very well. Parts of the walls are still covered in original textile material.

The letter display on the cinema façade may be illuminated and can be used for texts. All letters are still available.
There is an entrance as well as a separate exit.

Measurements: see separate plans
Power Supply: 3 sockets on the ground floor, 3-phase electric power 16 A
Access during Blue Night: Vordere Sterngasse 27
Proprietor: Apollo Events GmbH

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