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The "Blue Night" Art Competition 2020Deutsche Version

  1. Topic of Invitation
  2. Organiser/Inviting Body
  3. Type of Competition
  4. Jury
  5. Advice/Information about all Competition Issues
  6. Competition Address
  7. Obligations of Organiser / Artist or Artists' Group
  8. The Art Venues
  9. Submission of Entry / Deadline
  10. Selection Criteria
  11. Announcing the Competition Result
  12. Ownership and Copyright
  13. Liability

1. Topic of Invitation

In 2000, the year after Nuremberg’s 950th anniversary, the first Blue Night invited Nuremberg citizens to see and experience art and culture in an unusual setting and at an unusual time of day. Since then, THE BLUE NIGHT has become Germany’s biggest and most varied Long Night of Art and Culture, with about 140,000 visitors annually, coming from Nuremberg, the surrounding region, the entire Federal Republic and abroad. On offer are more than 300 programme presentations in over 80 institutions, courtyards, on squares and in the streets of Nuremberg’s Old Town.

The Blue Night Art Competition

Since 2005, with its annual art competition, THE BLUE NIGHT has offered artists the opportunity to present their works (works and projects from the fields of visual arts, such as light installations, (acoustic) installations, movement / performance, (interactive/participative) activities, new media etc.) to a larger public in the participating institutions, in courtyards, in enclosed public spaces, and on squares and streets in Nuremberg’s inner city.

In 2017, for the first time, there was a preview of contributions to the art competition the night before The Blue Night. There will be a similar preview in 2020, too.

Preview THE BLUE NIGHT: Fri, 1 May, 2020, 8 p.m. to midnight
The Blue Night: Sat, 2 May, 2020, 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Note! The art projects from the Blue Night art competition will therefore be on show for two days (please take this into account in your cost calculation!)

N-ERGIE Audience Award

The N-ERGIE Audience Award, including prize money of 5,000 Euros, will be presented for the tenth time at the 2020 Blue Night. It will honour an art project given first place in the ranking by The Blue Night visitors.

Important Information about the Blue Night Art Competition

Presentation of Art Projects

Presentation of art projects during The Blue Night differs from that in a museum or gallery. THE BLUE NIGHT is not a “white cube”: “hanging something on the wall” or “putting something in a room” isn’t appropriate for THE BLUE NIGHT.

So: please no submissions of paintings or sculptures which are supposed to be shown in a traditional exhibition!

Visitor Numbers

13,000 to 15,000 of the overall 140,000 visitors will buy a Blue Night ticket and visit the 10 to 12 art locations with projects in The Blue Night Art Competition. Visitor streams must be taken into account in the planning process.

Duration of Project

It should be kept in mind that an art project has to work for four (preview on Friday) or six hours (Saturday). This is important, for example, for performances which might have to be shown several times). Breaks between performances are possible, but must be kept relatively short.


On 1 May, 2020 (preview), and 2 May, 2020, the sun does not set until about 20:45, so it will only be completely dark after 21:00. Projects which only achieve their full impact in complete darkness will either only be shown to advantage for a very short time, or appropriate measures will have to be taken to ensure darkness (e.g. using rooms without windows or windows with blackout), and this should be taken into consideration in the project concept /design and calculation.

The Topic for The Blue Night in 2020

Each year there is a different topic for The Blue Night Art Competition as well as for the Blue Night programme. For DIE BLAUE NACHT / THE BLUE NIGHT of 2020, this will be “Risk / Peril / Hazard”.

2. Inviting Body / Organiser

City of Nuremberg Department of Cultural Affairs /Project Office

3. Type of Competition

The competition is an open art competition. An expert jury (see point 4 below) will select 10 to 12 artists from the entries by mid-January 2020, to implement their projects in The Blue Night on 1 and 2 May, 2020.

4. Jury

  • Barbara Engelhard, artist and competition curator
  • Jochen Flinzer, Professor of Liberal Arts and Art Education, Faculty Director at the Nuremberg Academy of Visual Arts
  • Petra Weigle, Institute of Modern Art
  • Andreas Wissen, graduate engineer (University of Applied Sciences) and Lecturer at the Nuremberg Academy of Visual Arts
  • Manfred Krebs, exhibition technician
  • Christel Paßmann and Andreas Radlmaier (City of Nuremberg Department of Cultural Affairs, Project Office)

5. Advice/Information about all Competition Issues

Christel Paßmann (project director DIE BLAUE NACHT/The Blue Night)
Tel: +49 911 231 68 54
Fax: +49 911 231 20 01
Email: christel.passmann (at) stadt.nuernberg.de

Barbara Engelhard (Kuratorin)
Mobile: +49 (0) 179 5935 018
Email: mail (at) barbarashop.de

Manfred Krebs (Exhibition Technician)
Mobile: +49 (0) 160 9481 75606
Email: Krebs (at) KULTAG.de

6. Competition Address

Stadt Nürnberg
Kulturreferat / Projektbüro
Christel Paßmann
Hauptmarkt 18
90403 Nürnberg

Email: blauenacht-kunstwettbewerb (at) gmx.de

7. Obligations of Organiser / Artist or Artists’ Group


The participants or participating groups selected by the jury will receive a fee of 1,500 Euros each (plus applicable VAT, if they are proven to be liable to VAT). The fee covers the entire work/performance by the artist/artists’ group (concept, preparation, implementation, set-up and dismantling, as well as presence during Blue Night and the preview).

A separation of authorship and implementation is not envisaged.

The fee will not be increased to take account of the number of people involved in the project.

Reimbursement of Costs

In addition to the fee, costs incurred in the implementation of the work of art up to a maximum of 3,500 Euros (inclusive of VAT) will be reimbursed (after checking of invoices presented). This sum should be understood to include all costs incurred in the preparation before and presentation during the Blue Night (e.g. technicians, transport, infrastructure, electricity, barriers, set-up assistants, possibly security personnel on site, hotel accommodation, travel costs, fees for performance rights for music, films, texts etc.).

Only “consumable items” will be reimbursed after The Blue Night, i.e. everything which is “used up” during preparation and presentation of the art project. This therefore does not include appliances (projectors, lamps, laptops etc.) and other materials (e.g. cables, mats etc.) which may continue to be used afterwards. Rental fees for appliances may be claimed back.

If equipment or other materials which are not “consumed” during the project are to become the artist’s property after The Blue Night, costs for these will not be reimbursed.

Technical equipment, such as projectors, lamps, cables or the like should therefore not be bought, but hired.

It is obligatory to talk to the exhibition technician before making any purchases of this kind.

Nevertheless, the costs for all materials (including rental fees, if applicable) must be included in the budget calculation.

Material costs will not be increased to take account of the number of people involved in the project.

Details will be specified in the Artist’s Contract.

The Budget

A detailed and reliable budget is a vital element of the entry and must be submitted together with the artistic concept. The same applies to the technical design and planning of the concept.

After acceptance by the jury, the budget may only be changed in the case of special circumstances and after obligatory consultation with the curator.

Please request cost estimates for technical services from your local service supplier!


Any material and personnel costs will only be reimbursed within the agreed budget as stated above and upon presentation of proof of payment (original receipts, invoices).

When the competition entry is submitted, it should list any technical costs which a sponsor has committed to cover, over and above the agreed budget to be reimbursed by the organiser as stated above. This list should include both additional finance and sponsorship in kind. Before approaching local or regional sponsors (in Nuremberg or the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region respectively), please contact the organiser of The Blue Night.

Sponsorship (both money and sponsorship in kind) or donations collected by the artist will be added to the project budget.

Sponsorship (both money and sponsorship in kind) collected by the organiser of THE BLUE NIGHT will not be added to the project budget of a particular project, but to the overall Blue Night budget.

Expenses for overnight stays and travel for the artist (and possibly any assistants) must be included in the implementation budget and in the overall budget. (The City of Nuremberg does not reimburse travel expenses and overnight expenses for third parties who are not actively involved in the project).

The number of assistants – must be discussed with the project director and also taken into consideration in the project budget. After participation of the project was accepted, this number must not be increased.

The cost of meals for the artist and of documentation of the works will not be reimbursed.

All other expenses beyond this must be borne by the artist.

Payment of an advance (maximum 500 Euros) may be made from the implementation cost budget upon request and after signing the contract. If any of this advance is unspent, the artist is obliged to pay it back. Expenditure from the advance must be documented with invoices and receipts.

After the project, the organiser will expect to receive a detailed financial account (with original receipts attached as proof of payment and use for the project). The Artist’s Contract between organiser and artist will contain information about the form of the invoice and essential information which the invoice should provide.

The artist must present an invoice for the entire fee (1500 Euros, plus VAT, if liable to VAT, see above) and the cost of implementation, including his/her tax number and specifying the amount of VAT paid.

The artist is responsible for setting up and dismantling the work of art / art project. On request, the organiser can provide assistance. The cost of auxiliary personnel (currently 11.22 Euros/hour, plus VAT, if liable for VAT) must be part of the cost calculation. If artists have their own auxiliary staff, the same rate must apply.

The cost of their own personnel / assistants must also be included in the calculation. Payments made to assistants must be verified by receipts or invoices. These must also include VAT (for 0%, then referring to §19 VAT act).

The artist will exhibit his/her project on Friday, 1 May, 2020 (Preview, 8 p.m. to midnight) and on Saturday, 2 May, 2020 (7 p.m. to 1 a.m.). Exceptions (for example changed times due to time of sunset) may be possible, depending on the event location.

When calculating costs and preparing your running schedule, please take note of the fact that your project will be presented on two days.

8. The Art Venues

The organiser suggests various sites for competition art works (squares, courtyards and other spaces in Nuremberg’s Old Town, 90402 and 90403 Nuremberg). In consultation with the organisers, choice of another venue – in Nuremberg’s Old Town – may be possible.

It is therefore not mandatory to apply for one of the venues named and described in the following, but a description of the necessary “ideal” conditions for the art project (darkness, size of space, enclosed or open space etc.) by the artist is essential.

The organiser reserves the right to allocate selected projects to a different venue from the one named in the entry.

At most venues, it is not possible to drill holes into the walls or floors!

The following venues are suggested for the 2020 BLUE NIGHT (please click on name of venue for detailed information):

For all art locations:
At most art locations, a power supply with higher wattage is also possible. The costs are, however, several times higher than those for the “normal” power supply and therefore would have to be taken into account in the budget and claimed via the „materials budget“ (see number 7).

9. Submission of Entry / Deadline

Entries, including a carefully calculated budget and information about set-up and dismantling, plus a CV, must be submitted no later than 9 December, 2019.

It is possible to apply for several sites.

Entries are only possible in digital form. (Please consider the amount of data sent!)

Please send your entry (including complete contact data: email address, mobile telephone number, postal address) to the following address:


In the subject line and file name, please do not use any special characters, capital letters or full stops other than the one before the file format extension.
Otherwise files may be eliminated by the spam filter.

10. Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for the 2020 BLUE NIGHT, apart from artistic merit of the concept, include the quality of design, the suitability for specific sites and for the event (while staying within the budget).

11. Announcing the Competition Result

By mid-January, 2020, 12 projects will be selected for implementation during the 2020 Blue Night on 1 and 2 May, 2020, in Nuremberg.

All applicants will receive written information by email concerning the competition result.

The jury’s decision is not subject to legal recourse. As a matter of principle, the jury does not give any reasons for its decisions!

12. Ownership and Copyright

The selected works of art remain the property of the respective artist. The organiser reserves the right to ownership of parts of the work of art which are needed in the context of its implementation (e.g. technical elements).

The artist permits the organisers, or photographers commissioned by them, to take photographs of the work of art. These photographs will be used (also after the event) for the organiser’s / City of Nuremberg’s PR work for the Blue Night and for the organiser.

There will be a separate contract with all artists selected by the jury, relating to the presentation of their work of art during the 2020 Blue Night. This contract regulates important financial, legal, copyright and organisational matters between the City of Nuremberg and the artists selected for the 2020 Blue Night.

13. Liability

Liability issues will be regulated in the Artist’s Contract.

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