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Artist in Residence   German version

Following the successful completion of the first Artist-in-Residence project 2018/19, Hüttinger once again announced a scholarship for students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg.

From now on for a half a year the art  student Matthias Deeg will be developing and realizing his artwork in Hüttinger’s workshop.

The design by 27-year-old Matthias Deeg with the working title “Sniffer” convinced the jury and prevailed over the other three contestants. Deeg has been studying painting and art education at the Academy of Fine Arts since 2015. His work is focused on electromagnetic waves and their aesthetic presentation. Based on his concept, he will now continue to work on it and produce a prototype with free access to material, production possibilities and the technical know-how of the employees in the company's workshop. At Blaue Nacht on May 2nd, 2020, an artistic and cultural event of Nuremberg, his work of art will be presented to the public for the first time.
The jury, which consisted of Professor Holger Felten, president of the academy, Andreas Radlmaier, head of the project office of the Cultural Department of the city of Nuremberg, Christel Paßmann, project manager of Blaue Nacht, and Hüttinger managing director Axel Hüttinger, intensively evaluated all submitted designs in respect of idea, creativity and feasibility. All sketches had great potential and impressed the jury with their various aspects and inventiveness, which did not make it easy for the jury to make a decision.
In the first Artist-in-Residence project, the art student Yanran Cao was selected by the jury with her idea of a gigantic specular cube. Within half a year, the native Chinese with the support of Hüttinger revised and made her design into a work of art. At the Blaue Nacht on May this year, Cao excited visitors with her multimedia installation “The moonlight is beautiful tonight” and immersed them in a world of images, light reflections and magic mechanical kinetics.
Since Hüttinger is actually internationally known as a conceptualizer, designer and manufacturer of interactive exhibitions and hands-on exhibits for museums and science centers, the guiding idea behind this project is to combine art and science and let both interact with each other. Through this integration of natural sciences and art, the thesis is to be taken up that natural science also has an aesthetic dimension and art also a cognitive dimension.
After realizing projects with renowned artists such as André Heller, Jennifer Townley and Anthony Howe in the recent years, Hüttinger is now also giving the opportunity to young, up-and-coming artists to exploit their artistic potential and realize their concepts with the support of German engineering.
Artist-in-Residence is a program that will give artists of various disciplines, such as actors, musicians, visual artists or writers the opportunity to pursue their creative goals without need of own financial resources. Hüttinger's announcement is explicitly addressed to all current students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg aiming to promote them in their artistic careers.