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Ceremonial Hall of the Artists‘ House in the KunstKulturQuartier

In 2010, the Artists‘ House celebrated its 100th anniversary. The Ceremonial Hall in the Artists’ Hall is still fully functional and in use. It is a popular venue for concerts, theatre performances and dances, with dimensions of 12 x 20.7 metres, height 8 metres and a stage with a depth of 6.50 metres. The stage has a special feature, a portico (about 3 metres high) placed at a depth of 2.4 metres, in front of the remaining stage space. The flooring is herringbone parquet. In the hall, there is a movable rig of up to 6.5 metres in height. Lighting equipment and a small sound system are available. In addition, about 30 stage parts (2 x 1 metres) of varying height may be used. The hall is usually darkened. Via the Ceremonial Hall, there is access to an adjacent hall (about 10 x10 metres), fully panelled and also with herringbone parquet flooring, which has a bar. From there, and via the stage, there is access to a small backstage area.

Power Supply: CEE 63A and CEE 16A, Schuko-type German standard electrical socket
Access during Blue Night: via Artists’ House, Königstor 4 or via Culture Information, Königstraße 93
Proprietor: City of Nuremberg


Ceremonial Hall of the Artists in the KunstKulturQuartier, 1st floor:

Festsaal, KunstKulturQuartier, 1. Obergeschoss

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