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Herrenschießhaus – Gentlemen’s Shooting House

Am Sand 8

The former Gentlemen’s Shooting House was built in sandstone by town master mason, Hans Dietmair in 1582/83. It is a typical Renaissance sandstone building, characterised by the horizontal arrangement without projecting sections, the portal with its round arch and triangular gable and the pilaster arrangement as well as the scrolled gable.  Another remarkable feature is the authentic bay window, decorated with tracery which is not an addition from the time of the Nuremberg style, but was the model for it. The pillared hall of the cellar vault opens up to the north, to a shooting moat of 80 metres’ length inside the moat of the last.but.one Nuremberg city fortification along Grübelstraße

There already was a shooting range here in the 15th century. The Gentlemen’s Shooting House was constructed above this shooting range, after 1808 was used as a military hospital, and after 1905 as a school building.
As a public building owned by the City of Nuremberg, today it is used as a municipal adult education centre.

NB: This art location is immediately surrounded by / immediately adjacent to residential buildings (noise level)!

Power Supply: SCHUKO-type German standard electrical socket.
Access during Blue Night: Andreij-Sacharow-Platz
Proprietor: City of Nuremberg, Administration


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