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Courtyard St Catherine’s Convent (Cloister) / Municipal Library

Access via Peter-Vischer-Straße

The cloister courtyard of the reconstructed St Catherin’s Convent measures about 22 x 9 metres. It is one of the most beautiful retreats right in the middle of the city and considered a green oasis.

St Catherine’s Convent (for Dominican nuns) was founded in 1295. The convent’s St Catherine’s Church which was destroyed in WW II and is now used as an open air event venue, was consecrated in 1295. The cloister and the refectory were added in the early 16th century. After secularisation, the buildings had various uses, including an anatomic theatre built into the refectory in 1678. After 1769, the buildings served as an alms-house and hospital. In 1945, St Catherine’s Convent burnt down almost completely after an air raid. In the 1980s, the much damaged parts of the building were reconstructed, and since then have housed parts of the municipal library. Together with the municipal library, the “Hermann Kesten Zeitungscafé” (Newspaper Café) was established here, which, when the weather is good, uses the paved western part of the courtyard. In the centre of the northern side, there is a life-sized bronze sculpture of the writer, Hermann Kesten, after whom the Zeitungscafé is also named.

The courtyard is landscaped. The central lawn is surrounded by several trees and bushes providing shade in summer. In the eastern part, there is a fountain wall covered with a grille. The fountain cannot be used.

Access to the cloister is to the left from the entrance to the Ruin of St Catherine’s Church (popular arts venue during Blue Nights, description see above) via the entrance to the Municipal Library and the Zeitungscafé.

Power Supply: CEE 16 A possible, SCHUKO-type German standard electrical socket available
Access during Blue Night: via Peter-Vischer-Straße (see Ruin of St Catherine’s Church)
Proprietor: City of Nuremberg


Download floor plan of the ground floor

Download plan of the whole area