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Krafft Courtyard and Entrance Area of Krafft House

Theresienstraße 7

During the summer, this is a venue for cultural events (concerts etc.). Former “Welser Courtyard” (from the first half of the 16th century). Later on named “Krafft House” after its last owner. Almost completely destroyed in WW II, rebuilt in 1961-63.

Coming from the street, you first step into the Entrance Area. It is an obviously reconstructed entrance hall with neo-Gothic vaulting (15 metres long, 11 metres wide). There are two big sandstone pillars in the centre of the entrance hall. The hall has very good and differentiated lighting (occasionally used as an exhibition space). Seen from the entrance door, there is a glass wall to the right, separating the entrance area from a stairwell (leading to the offices).

The adjacent Courtyard is separated from the entrance area by two large glass doors. It is one of few remaining courtyards in the Old Town. It rises slightly towards the north. On the entrance side, there are sandstone arcades and tracery balustrades on the 1st and 2nd floors.

To the left: a three-storey half-open delicate sandstone tower (with wide arches on thin pillars at ground floor level) gives access to the arcades on the first and second floor. The stair turret is about 18 metres high and is topped with a metal weather vane.

To the right: a modern glass front above the roofed-over part of the courtyard, with pillars and climbing plants, replacing the destroyed eastern gallery front.

At the façade opposite the entrance (looking new, but an old plastered construction) there are a small Baroque wall fountain (Mauritius Fountain), a Renaissance bay window (around 1550), and a separate miniature green area with a tree and a bush.

The courtyard is 18 metres long and 13 metres wide. It is not roofed, apart from a section at the right hand side (18 metres long, 2.50 metres wide). Four modern concrete pillars (overgrown with climbers) separate this roofed part from the remaining courtyard.

The ground is paved with medium-sized granite slabs, laid in a “lively pattern”, the walls are sandstone. There is no lighting.

Power Supply: SCHUKO-type German standard electrical socket
Access during Blue Night: via Theresienstraße 7
Proprietor: City of Nuremberg. Administered by Office for Central Services


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