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Interior Courtyard, Museum for Communication, DB Museum

Lessingstraße 6, Courtyard

Today, the Museum for Communication and the DB Museum are housed in the former “Royal Bavarian Traffic Museum”. Both museums date back to the 19th century when the Kingdom of Bavaria, even after the foundation of the German Reich in 1871, maintained its own postal and train services. Construction of the building at today’s location started in 1914. Delayed by World War I, the inauguration took place in 1925. The museum building was matched to the style of the neighbouring edifices – the Opera House, the Main Railway Station, and the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, which were built earlier, around the turn of the century. The historic building is mainly constructed from sandstone and is a listed building.

The Museum Courtyard (40 metres long and 31.5 metres wide at the widest point) is completely surrounded by museum buildings and may be accessed from two sides (courtyard gate, foyer ground floor). There is a roofed passage (arcade) on the northern side of the first floor which may be used for technical equipment (width about 2 metres, length about 5 metres).

Power Supply: Three-phase electric power and CEE 16 A, SCHUKO-type German standard electrical socket
Access during Blue Night: via main entrance / foyer
Proprietor: Museum for Communication and DB Museum


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