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Egidienplatz 23

The house was built between 1602 and 1607 by the Patrician Viatis, for his son-in-law, Martin Peller. Until it was destroyed in World War II, the Peller Courtyard was considered to be the most sumptuous among the Old Town Renaissance courtyards. The entire ensemble was one of Nuremberg’s main tourist sites. Apart from the richly ornamented main façade facing Egidienplatz (dating back to the 1950s), its main characteristic is the courtyard with its arcades, surrounded by two-storey galleries on three sides. On the fourth, the northern side, behind a terrace-like front building, there is a (now re-built), richly ornamented gable façade. The courtyard is accessed from Egidienplatz via a pillared hall with cross-ribbed vault.

The building has been owned by the City since 1929. After its destruction in 1945, only the ruins of the arcade up to the second storey were left standing in the courtyard. Above this, a modern library and archive building was erected in 1957.

Today, the Pellerhaus houses the German Games Archive and parts of the Municipal Library. The Apollo Fountain (presumed to be based on designs by Peter Flötner, 1532, originally intended for the Gentlemen’s Shooting House) has been standing in the courtyard since 1957, but currently is boarded up.

Since 2008, the Pellerhof has been reconstructed, commissioned by the association “Altstadtfreunde” (Friends of the Old Town). Thanks to donations, the building work has made very significant progress.

Power Supply: SCHUKO-type German standard electrical socket and three phase electric power
Access: Egidienberg/Egidienplatz
Propriertor: City of Nuremberg, Administration


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