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Old City Hall, Wolff Building, Hall of Honour

Rathausplatz 2/Entrance “Lochgefängnisse” (Mediaeval Dungeons)

Double-nave neo-Gothic pillared hall (with three large sandstone pillars), built by Jakob Wolff the Elder between 1617 and 1622. Destroyed in World War II and reconstructed. Pillars, floor and walls are fashioned from sandstone (no drilling/plugging!).  About 28 metres long, 12 metres wide, 6 metres high. About 30 small lamps and four modern hanging lamps (from the ceiling) with about 20 individual filament bulbs each.
The sandstone floor rises slightly towards the north (difference in height about 30 cm).
NB: Setting up for The Blaue Nacht will only be possible after Thursday, 2 May 2019.

Power Supply: CEE 32 A, SCHUKO-type German standard electrical socket.
Access during Blue Night: wooden door from Rathausplatz and two large glass doors to/from courtyard.
Proprietor: City of Nuremberg.
Administered by: OrgA/Office Central Services


Download floor plan

Download floor plan