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Old City Hall, Wolff Building, Historic Great Hall

Rathausplatz/ entrance Hall of Honour/Mediaeval Dungeons

Built between 1332 and 1340, at the time of construction this was the largest non-sacred building north of the Alps, with a length of 40 metres and a crown height of 12 metres. Under Dürer’s direction, this hall was transformed into a Renaissance synthesis of all arts, with wall paintings, glass painting, panelling, a wooden barrel vault ceiling and wall lights. The wall painting was reworked several times in later years and finally destroyed in World War II.
In 1649, the Peace Banquet was held here (celebrating the end of the Thirty Year War). In 1945, the Hall burnt down to its enclosing walls. In 1956-58, the exterior, and after 1980 the interior were reconstructed with the wooden barrel vault, the panelling and the stone flooring.
Existing cross-bracing cannot be used.
NB: Setting up for The Blaue Nacht will only be possible after Thursday, 2 May 2019.

Power Supply: CEE 32 A, CEE 16 A, SCHUKO-type German standard electrical socket.
Access during Blue Night: via the Hall of Honour, entrance Hall of Honour/Mediaeval Dungeons and a staircase.
Proprietor: City of Nuremberg
Administered by: Office Central Services


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