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Church of St Egidien (St Giles)

Egidienplatz 37

The Lutheran church on Egidienplatz in the Sebaldus part of the Old Town is Nuremberg’s only Baroque church. The original mediaeval church which was located here was a monastery church built in the early 12th century and affiliated to the Gaelic monastery of St. Egidien (St Giles) in Regensburg. In 1696, a fire almost completely destroyed the monastery and the church building which after the Reformation had been used as a preachers’ church. The Eucharius Chapel dating back to the 12th century, the Tetzel Chapel dating back to the 14th century and the Wolfgang Chapel dating back to the 15th century remain from the time before the fire.
Between 1711 and 1718, a Baroque sandstone church with a classicistic-Corinthian interior was constructed on top of the remaining structure. During World War II, this church was almost completely gutted by fire during the major air raid of 2 January, 1945.
Starting in 1946, reconstruction was energetically implemented. The old stucco decorations on the walls were preserved, the former lace stucco vault of the central nave with its central fresco was lost forever and was replaced by a barrel vault with a second vault immediately above which may be lit.

On 8 March, 1959, the church was officially inaugurated again. The new interior was not designed in a historicising manner; the altar was shifted from the end of the choir to the crossing. Thus the interior is surprisingly simple and airy, for a Baroque church. It invites visitors to stay a while or lends itself as a space for artists‘ projects. In the past years, St. Egidien has again and again featured as an „art church“ with various installations and concerts.

Height: maximum 16 m

Power supply: German standard electrical sockets.
Access during Blue Night: via Egidienplatz 37
Proprietor: Lutheran Congregation of St. Egidien


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