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Nuremberg State Theatre / Blue Box

Richard-Wagner-Platz 2-10

The Blue Box is the smallest performance space at Nuremberg State Theatre. It is 9 x 14 metres in size with a ceiling height of 4.8 m (lower edge of traverses 3.88 m, lower edge of air vents 4.44 m, lower edge of curtain rail 3.87 m). It can be used in a variety of ways and the seating arrangement is flexible.

Access for equipment with a maximum size of 1.1 x 2 x 2 m is via the lift in the foyer. Using fog, smoke or fire is not possible.

On one of the long sides, there are three windows (which can be darkened). At the rear, there are two one-wing doors in the corners which may be used for access. The floor of the Blue Box consists of stationary pedestals which may be shifted to the front in 16.6 steps (not during the performance).
Light and sound systems are installed.

Power Supply: CEE 16A, SCHUKO-type Germa

Proprietor: City of Nuremberg
Access during Blue Night: via theatre