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DIE BLAUE NACHT 2018 – 100 % Art and Culture with One Ticket!

The Blaue Nacht Ticket is a VGN combination ticket:

Mit der Eintrittskarte kostenlose Fahrt im VGN All tickets not only guarantee the overall package for Die Blaue Nacht. They are also VGN combination tickets – your public transport ticket to Die Blaue Nacht.

With a Blaue Nacht Ticket, you can comfortably get to Die Blaue Nacht using the buses, trams and trains in the entire VGN public transport area (Verkehrsverbund Großraum Nürnberg), and also get back home (until end of service, including Nightliner buses).
Holders of a FRÜHSPURT (EARLY BIRD) or PREMIUM TICKET (print: Friday 4 May and Saturday, 5 May) can therefore use VGN public transport on Friday, starting at 4 p.m., and on Saturday, starting at 3 p.m. (on both days until end of service, including Nightliner buses).
For further explanations see also Special Promotion between 4 and 15 April: NEW: Die Blaue Nacht on two days!

The Blaue Nacht Ticket costs:

in advance sale until 4 May – basic prices / estimated end prices (including advance sale and system fees, as well as VGN public transport ticket)

  • individual ticket: 11.70 € / end price about 15.70 €
  • 3-friends ticket: 50.85 € / 10.17 € / person, end price about 69.35 € / 13.87 €)
  • NEW: individual ticket for school/university/college students / apprentices: 10.17 € (identification must be presented, not with Print@home, end price about 13.87 €)
  • individual ticket for holders of Nürnberg Pass or a Social Pass: 5.90 € (pass must be presented, not with Print@home, end price ends around 9.20 €)
  • for one person accompanying a disabled person (ID marked with “B”), entrance is free.

Discount with ZAC (end prices)

Until 4 May, 2018 (closing time), holders of a ZAC Card (i.e. newspaper subscribers) can buy tickets at a discounted price at all business premises of the Nürnberger Nachrichten, the Nürnberger Zeitung and associated regional papers:

  • individual ticket: 13.15 € (end prices)
  • 5-friends ticket 58.20 € / 11.64 € per person
  • NEW: individual ticket for school / university / college students/ apprentices: 11.64 € (identification must be presented).

These tickets also include VGN public transport ticket.

At the day / evening box office on 5 May:

  • 18 € (= end price including VGN public transport)
  • for Print@home, starting midnight: 18 € (plus all fees as well as VGN public transport fee, end price about 22.50 €).

Only bracelets for Die Blaue Nacht will be available at the day / evening box offices.

Special Promotion between 4 and 15 April: FRÜHSPURT (EARLY BIRD) or PREMIUM TICKET

NEW: Die Blaue Nacht on two days!

The experiment at the 2017 Blaue Nacht was very successful and will become the rule starting with this year’s Blaue Nacht:

On Friday, 4 May (8 p.m. until midnight), there will be a preview of the projects from the Blaue Nacht Art Competition (p.16 in the programme brochure, marked with Blaue-Nacht-Kunstwettbewerb ) and on Saturday, 5 May, starting at 7 p.m. the entire package of Die Blaue Nacht (including the Blaue Nacht Art Competition, of course).
If you want to enjoy Die Blaue Nacht on both days, you will need a FRÜHSPURT (EARY BIRD) or a PREMIUM TICKET, both only available during special periods during the advance ticket sales:

  • FRÜHSPURT (EARLY BIRD) TICKET during the first month of advance ticket sales, December 2017
  • For 3 € additional fee / person in addition to the normal advance ticket price (in all categories, including ZAC, see above), the PREMIUM TICKET is available between 4 and 15 April 2018 (midnight).

Advance sales for Die Blaue Nacht only on Saturday, 5 May, will continue as usual, i.e. without additional fee (until 4 May 2018, closing time or midnight for Print@home).
During Die Blaue Nacht, all tickets will be exchanged for bracelets.
Whatever ticket you choose: they are all VGN combination tickets (see above), the bracelets, too!

Online Advance Ticket Sale
(available until 4 May, 2018, closing time, midnight 4 May for Print@home)

(Friday, 4 May / Saturday, 5 May, 2018
only available between 4 and 15 April, 2018, midnight)